Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner

Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner
Vupoint Scanner is ultra light


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  • This review is from: VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDS-ST410-VP) (Electronics)
I'm a graduate student and I spend a lot of time in libraries poring through books that can't circulate (rare, antique, etc.) Some are not even allowed out of specific parts of the university library. This is the answer! I can just roll the wand over the pages, and then I can study the text in the comfort and convenience of my house. I will add a picture of a scanned page for review as a product image. I'll never go back.

I bought this scanner for the purpose of scanning pages out of law books at the library. After about two minutes' practice, it was a cinch. In fifteen minutes I was able to scan 30 pages' research, and later downloaded it all to my laptop as .PDF files. The resolution is great, and the scan quality was good enough to use in powerpoint presentations after cropping and magnifying with Microsoft Picture Manager. You can't get scans out of books with a page-fed portable, and a desktop model is too big to carry. Light years better than waiting for the library photocopier.
Vupoint Magic Wand

This review is from:
VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDS-ST410-VP) (Electronics)


Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner
Vupoint Soltions Magic Wand Scanner

The Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner Scans directly from research or reference books.(Buy Here for $99.00 or Less)
  It makes an ideal scanner for college students and anyone in Graduate School or doing research.  There are so many different reference books that can not be taken from the library which forces students to spend countless hours in the library and feeding the copy machine.  The Vupoint Scanner can make those days a thing of the past.  Everyone will love their new found freedom. It might even lead to better work since the important materials will be so much more accessible to students.  I certainly know I would have bee very thankful if the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner had been around when I was in school. 

The other benefit to be had from the Vupoint Scanner has to do with organization.  The Scanner allows you to immediately scan sales invoices, estimates or receipts while on the go.  Create you expense report can be easily done on the flight home by downloading your trip receipts from your micro disk right onto your computer.  The accounting department will love you for your accurate and reliable reporting of business expenses.  As will your account come tax time. 

Digital Filing is the wave of the future and it is now possible to keep you records in easily accessible files on your computer.  You can always be assured you will have a copy at your disposal that will never be worn out, wrinkled, faded or even lost.  You will save time and money with this new bit of technology. 

The Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner Buy Here for $99.00 or Less
is well worth the money and it will reduce your stress level immediately and you will wonder how you got along without it. 


Flip Pal Is Worth A Look

For Memory Keepers who want to conveniently and reliably scan photos, images in books and magazines, and works of art so that they can be stored digitally, then shared with family and friends for under $150. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows you to scan photos safely while still in the album or frame. Unlike alternative solutions that don’t have the combination of mobility, accuracy, versatility, and keeping the original safe, the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner is compact, simple to operate, has high resolution, quick scan time, battery power, on board memory, and cordless – no computer required.

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

  • Mobile - scan images Anywhere, Anytime, battery-powered, stores scans on SD Memory Card
  • Keeps Your Memories Safe - scan album photos in place, patented "flip-and-scan" technology
  • Versatile - scan small to large originals, photos, drawings, quilts, even small objects like coins or jewelry, newspapers etc.
  • Easy and Quick - no computer required, push one button, scan while sitting on your couch watching T.V.
  • Accurate - high quality digital image, high resolution retains the detail, color
  • No software to install or complicated manual, just take your SD card to your computer and turn on your creativity

Technical Details

  • Model: Flip-Pal 100C


Scan Old pictures easily with Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner

Scanned with Vupoint Solutions
Magic Wand Scanner
If you are dreading scanning all of your old photos one by one in your flat bed scanner you now have a much easier option.  Try out the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner see how much easier it will be to get those pictures transferred to your computer. 

All you need to have is a surface that is flat and not too slippery.  Place the picture or pictures on the surface and then slide the wand scanner over them.  You can scan 2 or 3 pictures at a time if they are no wider than the scanner. 

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is about the length of standard piece of paper and just a little taller than a Kindle in its cover.  It is simple, easy to use and the quality of scanning is very good.  It has made it much easier to stay organized and I can scan multiple documents right in front of me that are saved to the micro disk.  They can all be downloaded to my computer all at once instead of the using the tediously doing it one by one on the flatbed scanner. 

The USB chord makes it very easy to load your scans to your desktop or laptop for organization.  Read more about the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner here, here and here

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner shown in Video

Watch this Video to see the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner and then click this link to get a better deal than the one shown on the video.  Find the best prices for Vupoint Solutions products right here.  You can go paperless and simplify your life.

Nearly every important document you have can be scanned and downloaded to your computer.  It is perfect for saving special family letters and cards made by your children in grade school.  It is an amazing advancement in scanning technology. 

The Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner gives you the perfect opportunity to save all those great memories in a digital scrap book that will never get old.  Save the family birthday and holiday cards or even those special love notes that you still cherish. 


How the Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner Works

How it Works:
You need to buy a micro disk separately

Here are the basics of how to use your Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner:

1.  Insert a Micro SD card for the memory
2.  Select your resolution
3.  Slide the scanner over the item

4.  You then hook the scanner up to your computer to save, print, or email the image.

Scanned by Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner

Scanned by Vupoint Solutions Wand Scanner